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I seek to provide you the very best information, tips, and hints to be successful in whatever your domaining needs may be.  This would include Domain buying, selling, leasing and parking.

Domain Buying and Selling

A little known fact is that you are not able to buy a domain permanently.  Registration however is available for up to 10 years at a time.  

There are several great places to sell your domains, possibly at a great profit.

Many other tips on domain buying and selling are available to you just for signing up for our free guides.

Domain Leasing

Comparable to a home lease, domain leasing allows a buyer (lessee) to make periodic lease payments to a seller (lessor) for the right to temporarily use a domain name over a specified time period agreed upon.

Domain Parking

Domain, or Cash parking is a strategy used to generate income from  a domain that is not currently active.  The domain name has to be good as it is the main method that your parked site will receive traffic.  Penalties from Google are possible if any methods of traffic building such as SEO  are used.

About Captain Dave

I started buying domains as an investment over 12 years ago to help supplement my retirement, and to provide a future for my children and grandchildren.

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